Kickstart your Bakery

A step by step guide on how to become a baker


If you’re feeling lost and don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Starting a baking business in the UK may seem a dauting task but it’s actually pretty easy and can all be done online. In the following guide we are going to guide you through everything you need to know and do to create your company and legalise your business.

With that out of the way, all you need to do is create your profile on Bakersby to start building your brand and start selling as soon as possible. Please read this page carefully and if you’re still confused on how to proceed do not hesitate using our support page for help. That’s why we are here!

1. Get the name right

Choosing the right name for a company is one of the most overlooked tasks when creating a business. Your business name has to be catchy, easy to say and to reflect your company values and what you do or sell. If you’re out of ideas there are plenty of websites out there to help you in this task. You can also brainstorm with friends and family to get the name right or ask for opinions!

2. Choose a logo

Your logo is as important as your company name. If the latter helps your customers identify your company by sound the former helps them do it visually. A logo can be corporative, funny, cute or informative but most importantly it needs to be memorable. There are plenty of designers out there to help you come up with the right logo.

3. Register your business

When you start a food business you must register your food business with the local authority. You should do this at least 28 days before opening. Registration of your food business is free and mandatory. If you are already trading and have not registered, you need to do it as soon as possible.

4. Get insurance

When you start a food business it’s always a good idea to get it insured. Getting your business insured can be done exclusively online and you should do this as soon as you start trading. If you are already trading without insurance, you should to do it as soon as possible. For £100 pounds a year it’s not worth taking the risk of getting sued or burning your kitchen down!

5. Create a Profile

Creating a Bakersby profile gives you instant access to a plethora of online customers. If you’re starting out we advise you to create a Commission Based account so you don’t run into unnecessary ongoing costs until you have a more established business. You can always adapt your prices having in mind the commission taken from your full price and later upgrade your account to be more competitive.


6. Be Creative

Once you create your Bakersby profile all that’s left to do is uploading products to your store and start baking. Please bear in mind that creating a business is not an easy task and it may take time and it certainly takes effort to get the ball rolling but once it starts there’s no stopping you. We will be here to help you succeed, every step of the way!

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