Don’t play with food, they said…

What is Bakersby

Bakersby is a network of talented bakers in the UK who specialise in creating scrumptious treats with the freshest ingredients that will not only delight your taste buds but also provide a unique and delicious experience to your loved ones. From cakes, cupcakes, pastry, pies and tarts to handcrafted loafs of bread, our bakers are just around the corner ready to fulfill your order. On Bakersby you’ll be able to find local bakers by postcode, city or mile-radius, making it easy to order from someone near you and have it quickly delivered at your doorstep. Join us today and experience the joy of homemade baked goods, made with love and care by our passionate bakers.

Why sell on Bakersby

Choose one of our plans and register a seller account with us

Setup your bakery, build your brand and create a unique voice that sets you apart

Be creative and add new products to your online bakery

Get customers in your area, showcase your products and sell online

Get free advertising on our media channels and make use of our accounting system


At Bakersby you can create your storefront however you seem fit and add your logo and your own style to make it unique. Have a look at some of our stores. Don’t they look beautiful? Will you join us and become part of our family?

Sell products

Listing products for sale on your storefront couldn’t be easier. You can list simple or variable products with a few clicks and if you get stuck along the way, our team is here to help you. Alternatively you can always browse our Knowledge Base to help you with our step-by-step guides.

Secure Payments

Our payments system is fast and secure. Showcase your products to potential buyers, sell them with peace of mind and get paid directly to your bank account once you deliver the goodies.

   Marketing

By signing up on Bakersby you’re not only joining a robust community of bakers all over the UK. You’re also taking advantage of our social media platforms and our advertising channels without spending extra money to put your name out.

Full accounts

Don’t waste time keeping track of your accounts. At Bakersby you’ll have a full sales report at the distance of a click. You can export and download all your sales in .xls or .csv format and score extra points with your accountant.

Searching Tools

As part of Bakersby you’ll be able to be found by prospect buyers near you, who search for bakers in their postcode, city or by mile radius.

Why buy from us

Find bakers in your local area or and support your local economy

Choose from a range of creative and delicious freshly baked goods from the comfort of your home

Pay online with peace of mind. We offer secure payment channels and customer support.

Get the goodies on your doorstep or pick them up from the bakery

Leave a review and show them your love ?

Rigorous Selection

All our bakers go through a rigorous process of selection that makes sure they have registered businesses and are allowed to trade by the Food Standards Agency.

It’s convenient 

Search for products or bakers within a couple of miles from your location or extend your search to the whole country or specific postcodes. This is great if you want to send a birthday cake to someone special.

Local Businesses

All our bakers are based in the UK and registered with the Food Standards Agency. All money spent on Bakersby contributes to the local economy and to help small business owners.

Freshly Baked Goods

Freshly homemade products generally don’t have the amount of additives or preservatives you find on over-the-shelf products at your local supermarket making it all the better to buy on Bakersby.



One of the most beautiful things about Bakersby is its ability to gather a variety of different bakers, with different styles, skills and creativity. You will be able to find a range of creative and delicious treats for whatever special occasion you are celebrating. 



wHonest Reviews

After purchasing an item from one of our bakers you will be able to review them. Your review, good or bad, will be posted to their profile so other buyers and yourself can buy with peace of mind. Our reviews are moderated internally so, as long as you’re giving constructive feedback in a polite manner, it will never be deleted.